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Kevin McKinney for 8th Ward Alderman

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Kevin McKinney and his wife Kimberly live in the Shaw Neighborhood of St. Louis City. They moved to St. Louis in 1997 from Jonesborough, Tennessee. Kevin is currently owner of a housing consulting business that assists churches, not-for-profits and communities to develop housing for seniors and disabled people. He has over 16 years experience in housing and urban development.

Kimberly serves as the CEO of Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis. Their daughter, Courtnie, is the Director of External Relations for the College of Business at Louisiana Tech University. Kevin and Kimberly have been married for 17 years. Before moving to St. Louis, Kevin had the privilege to serve his hometown as Alderman, then as Mayor during the 1990′s. He was the youngest, the first, and to date the only African-American Mayor elected in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Kevin is a pragmatic progressive and is running for alderman because he knows the City of Saint Louis can take a more proactive and smarter approach to development, safety and educational improvement.
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  • Kevin McKinney supports a new approach to revitalize St. Louis: Sustainable Urban Development. Our neighborhoods need more than just high dollar housing. There was a time when we needed to foster that kind of development. If we only keep building and incentivizing high dollar housing, our neighborhoods will lose their diversity and identity. Now is the time to head in a different direction. Kevin McKinney knows how to develop communities in a smart, growth oriented ways that contribute to our … read more

  • A wise politician once said, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It starts with expanding youth opportunities around our schools, developing before and after-school activities and tutoring programs. We need to better fund summer job programs for teenagers. When the city of Chicago provided jobs to teens, crime dropped and kids learned valuable life skills at their first job. Sherman School sits vacant in the middle of our ward. While the building is no longer used as a … read more

  • We have a crisis in St. Louis. Gun violence and homicide are at levels we haven’t seen in almost 10 years. And just recently, St. Louis had 6 homicides in a just half a day. The tragedy occurring in our streets is heart-wrenching and frustrating to anyone who cares for this city. Right now there are many opinions on what to do. Citizens are frustrated, baffled on how to address this, and our leaders only offer excuses. However, this is … read more