A New Approach: Sustainable Urban Development

IMG_1738Kevin McKinney supports a new approach to revitalize St. Louis: Sustainable Urban Development.

Our neighborhoods need more than just high dollar housing. There was a time when we needed to foster that kind of development. If we only keep building and incentivizing high dollar housing, our neighborhoods will lose their diversity and identity.

Now is the time to head in a different direction.

Kevin McKinney knows how to develop communities in a smart, growth oriented ways that contribute to our urban fabric. He helps non-profit organizations create these developments for seniors and disabled persons. Kevin understands the importance of and how to utilize financial incentives for historic preservation.sample dev

Sustainable Urban Developments are the antithesis of sprawl. They are diverse, compact, walkable, and transit connected. This approach uses interconnected green spaces, complete streets, and mixed-use, mixed-income development and helps unify neighborhoods as economically sustainable units.

Only building more high priced housing won’t bring our neighborhoods to the next level; Sustainable Urban Development will.