Vision and Pro-Active Leadership

“Without vision the people will perish.”  – Proverbs 29:18

St. Louis is a City founded by great leaders, visionaries. Founded by men and women who ventured out into the wilderness and settled in the safety of high bluffs near the confluence of the countries two greatest rivers.

For far too long, our current leaders have lurked in the shadows of these great men. Governing on cruise control, only making an appearance when crisis arises. The problem with this approach is if we wait for issues to come to us, we allow our problems to govern us.

We know what the problems are that confront us. We know we have to reduce crime. We know we need better schools. we know we need better policies that encourage business growth, not discourage it. All progress starts with a plan.

An 8th Ward Planning Document/Masterplan that is coordinated with the City of St. Louis is a missing and necessary requirement for smart and purposeful growth for our neighborhoods. The residents of the 8th Ward must approve a vision for our neighborhood and it will become our roadmap for development.  Commercial, residential and sustainable economic development will be driven by the Masterplan.  Economic development should allow citizens and their families to become self-sustaining members of the community.

The 8th Ward should be the tie that binds the City together. Our diversity, history, institutions and geography position us in a leadership role in the City. We should work with the adjoining Wards to reach out, North & South and East & West, for a better Ward and a better St. Louis. Working together with other Alderpersons and wards, we can make St. Louis stronger.

We need Aldermen in this city who are willing to look beyond their ward boundaries and work to solve the problems of the city as a whole. I pledge to be a full time Alderman and work not just to improve the 8th Ward, but all of St. Louis.